‘Kalamshu’ is an organisation established for promoting art & cultural development in general. The word ‘Kalamshu’ means, rays of art, signifying the spread of artistic enlightenment. We aim at preservation, presentation & promotion of art & culture. In doing so, we also try to reach out to all sections of the society across by creating an environment for them to develop interest & pursue art.

We have been in the art field for nearly a decade having performed and organized many programmes all over Karnataka on prestigious platforms, ‘Kalamshu’ has transformed from an institution of good standing with growing reputation, more specifically, in the field of dance and music to a comprehensive cultural hub in our locality and outside. Contributions to 'Kalamshu' is exempted from income tax under section 80G.

Besides cultural presentations, we engage in art education & art promotion through activities/shows/programs. We have in common –

Cinque Terre
Vid. Smt. Supriya Hariprasad

Director / Performing Artist

Cinque Terre
Dr. Smt. Kirthana Kunikullaya U

Asst Director / Performing Artist